FAT MUDAVADI tells UHURU to dissolve his cabinet because it has failed Kenyans- You should go home!!

Sunday September 30, 2018-Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader, Musalia Mudavadi, has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve his Cabinet since it has failed to address the serious issues facing Kenyans.

 Speaking on Saturday, Mudavadi,who is also the NASA principal, said Uhuru and his cabinet have failed to shield Kenyans from high taxation.

He said that given the escalating stalemate over the budget and taxation, President Kenyatta ought to think out of the box.

“Uhuru should dissolve his current crisis-ridden government to reconstitute and re-engineer it anew to regain foothold of Kenyans confidence,” Mudavadi said.

 The ANC boss said there was a crisis of confidence over Jubilee government’s inability to efficiently manage the economy and Kenyans have lost confidence in government over its financial indiscipline and endemic corruption.

 “This is magnified by the fact that a large chunk of the burdensome loans and the budget are stolen within government bureaucracy. The ruling party cadres are at variance with the president, they have been misdirecting him,” he said.

He said Uhuru had voiced disappointment with the shabby performance of his Treasury appointees in providing cogent economic solutions. 

“This disaffection within and outside government concerning lack of consistent fiscal policies is pervasive. But the Jubilee government is living denial over the rampage borrowing spree that has boomeranged,” Mudavadi noted.


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