Sunday, September 2, 2018 - Former Presidential aspirant, Kingwa Kamencu, has opened up about some nude photos that she posted sometime back.

The nude photos took the internet by storm and elicited a hot debate online.

Kamencu claims she was participating in a project by a visual artist who was doing a project on African nudity when she posed naked and shared the photos online.

The controversial writer promised to share more nudes from the project if she manages to retrieve them.

Kamencu claims that she was exposing her bare breasts in the nudes that Kenyans didn’t see.

This is what Kamencu posted about the nudes that went viral sometime back.

“ thank all those who've been sharing this photo of mine from 2014. Thanks to them I've gotten 1000 new followers and supporters in one day. I often tell those who are grieving to use this image as a screensaver on their phones and laptops and they will feel much calmer and at peace.

This picture was taken as part of a project of a local visual artist who doing a project on African nudity. My favorite ones feature my bared breasts but I…

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