Friday September 28, 2018-Senate Speaker, Ken Lusaka, has denied claims that expenditure for the Uasin Gishu sittings was Ksh400 million terming it as propaganda.

Speaking during an interview, Lusaka said a lot of money was saved as they did not spend much money on travel as is alleged.

According to Lusaka, if the sittings were held in Nairobi, County Representatives would have had to travel to Nairobi for grilling by the Senate.

Lusaka also added that county executives and members of various committees would also have been forced to travel to Nairobi for the same sittings, adventure that would have been very expensive to the taxpayers.

He maintained that Senate sittings in the counties are a noble idea and they intend to roll it out annually.

Lusaka was responding to allegations the Senate wasted a whopping Ksh400 million to take their sittings to Eldoret in Uasin Gishu at the time the Government is struggling to cut its cost in order to repay its debts.



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