Wednesday September 26,2018-Last week, there were claims that Majority leader in Parliament, Aden Duale, locked MPs inside toilets to stop them from opposing the Finance Bill 2018 that allowed the Executive to increase fuel price by 8 percent.

Duale is said to have locked them to frustrate the voting of the 8 percent VAT of petroleum products.

However appearing on Citizen TV on Tuesday evening, Kikuyu MP, Kimani Ichungwa, dismissed the claims and said it was lies.

The outspoken MP challenged the MPs claiming to have been locked in a toilet to come forward, saying no MP was locked in the toilets to prevent them from voting.

“I dare any member who faced any kind of intimidation to speak. No MP was locked up in the toilets to prevent them from voting,” Ichung’wa said.

Isiolo Women Representative Rehema Dida Jaldesa had claimed that Duale locked up some MPs inside a toilet to ensure there was no number to reject the Bill and also to ensure there was no quorum.

“The Majority leader came and started pushing people to go out and even he locked some people in the toilet,” said Ms Jaldesa.


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