Monday September 10, 2018 - The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, has shared details about the mastermind who facilitated the gruesome murder of Sharon Otieno, a second year university student at Rongo University.

Speaking yesterday, Kinoti disclosed that there was an organised gang headed by a "godfather" and comprising of an agent and several hitmen who planned and executed the heinous crime.

"The godfather hatched the plan.”

“He is the key person who procured the offence and has a direct link to the agent, who is already in our custody,” Kinoti noted.

The DCI director noted that there is sufficient evidence that will lead to the prosecution of those who planned and executed the kidnapping and the killing of Sharon.

“This is an organized criminal ring that requires careful investigation and arrest so that we do not detain the wrong person, and also so that those we arrest do not jeopardize the arrests of others,” he noted.


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