Back to the Nyayo Era! Kikuyu MAN was arrested for wearing a tshirt written Kitaeleweka to RUTO’s fundraiser in Nyeri.


Here is the summary of what happened today in regard to a young man - who I have never met.

1. This morning I get a call. A guy called Albert Nderitu from Mukurweini showed up at the Fundraising where Ruto was chief guest yesterday, wearing a ‘Kieleweke/Big4First’ t-shirt. Incidentally he was wearing the T-shirt inside another shirt. But somehow DP Ruto’s ‘hawk-eyed’ security detail spotted it & ordered the local OCPD to arrest him.

2. Albert was taken to Mukurweini Police Station & spent yersternight in cell. In the morning he was asked for a 50k cash bond. The charge; ‘causing disturbance’.

3. *My greatest concern. Apparently a ‘confession’ had been prepared for the young man to sign that said he had received money from me, through a 3rd party, for him and 20 other young men to heckle DP. He refused to sign it. His elder sister also insisted he would not sign anything.

5. In what can only be interpreted as intimidation tactics that ended decades ago the guy was taken to my Nyeri Constituency office in handcuffs, accompanied by 5 police officers. They asked him whether he recognized anyone who works there. He did not. They left.

6. The guy was then taken back to Mukurweini Police station. At around 4.30pm he was processed to be released. They took his fingerprints. He was released on a free bond. He is to report to the police later this week.

7. When he was released some media people were waiting to interview him at the station. After they interviewed him and as they were about to leave some police officers decided they were not happy with the interview and wanted to confiscate the phones the journalists had used for the interview. The journalists refused. The journalists were arrested!!!

8. All the other Nyeri journalists made a beeline for Mukurweini. The two journalists were released though one was forced to delete the interview they had done. (But apparently they had already stored it on the Cloud; so it was wasted effort). Now what was a small story with no feet - has become a major breaking news story.

9. I will be asking my Committee - the Administration and National Security Committee to follow this case. We will summon the Cabinet Secretary Interior, PS Interior, IG Police and…

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