BABU OWINO’s explosive letter to President UHURU KENYATTA that is going viral on social media on behalf of the young people of our society struggling on a daily basis to make ends meet.

I write to you on behalf of our mothers, stretching themselves to the limit, to ensure their families do not sleep hungry.

I write to you on behalf of future generations, to whom we have a deep and solemn responsibility not to burden with a hopeless future.

I write to you in regard of the untimely sixteen percent value added tax on fuel proposed by your Treasury Secretary.

Your Excellency, as a young person and as a leader, I pledged to support you in your efforts to unite the nation and build bridges.

I further pledged to help you secure your legacy in your final term as President in the spirit of your Handshake with my Party Leader, H. E Raila Odinga and indeed, in the spirit of our own personal handshake within the precincts of Parliament during your state of the nation address.

I therefore take this opportunity to request you to assent to the Finance (Amendment) Bill 2018 and save our people from the difficult times such a tax promises.

We as Parliament have read the mood of the people and realized that the Bill as initially proposed would portend untold suffering amongst the most vulnerable in our society.
Our people are already overburdened with the high cost of living.

The introduction of such a tax at this time would only serve to make their lives more unbearable.

I make this request as a father to a fellow father, for the sake of our children and our children’s children, let us seek to find innovative ways to reduce public expenditure and wastage instead of raiding the pockets of ordinary wananchi.

I and the youth of this nation look forward to your positive response on this matter.
Yours faithfully,

Hon. Babu Owino,

MP, Embakasi East Constituency, Secretary General Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association &The People’s Watchman.

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