Saturday September 1, 2018 - Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu has accused her boss Chief Justice David Maraga of betraying her when she was arrested on Tuesday over corruption related offences.

Through her lawyer, Nelson Havi, Mwilu said Maraga showed open bias when she was bundled into a police car at the Supreme Court and taken to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters along Kiambu Road and her finger prints taken.

Havi cited an investigation in the CJ’s office in 2017 in which Supreme Court Registrar, Esther Nyaiyaki, was shielded.

He also cited the corruption case facing Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Anne Amadi, where Maraga issued a stern warning to those who were planning to arrest her.

“CJ Maraga lawfully objected to attempts by DCI, EACC and DPP to question, arrest and charge Supreme Court Registrar, Esther Nyaiyaki,” Havi said.

He added that Maraga’s failure to act likewise in the matter of Mwilu has jeopardised the independence of the Judiciary.


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