5 reasons why you should invest in bitcoin

Potential to make a lot of money
In September of 2017 the price of bitcoin was trading at approximately $3,000 per coin, and over the course of 3 months the price climbed to an unprecedented amount. Fast forward to December 2017 and you will remember that the price for one bitcoin was valued at approximately $19,000. Now if you’d have invested your money in bitcoin in September, or even before then, and held until December you would have more than quadrupled your money! Just to make you all jealous, there are actually 10 bitcoin billionaires in the world who invested in the very early stages of its life.

You can actually pay for things with it
Despite it being something that people can make money on, bitcoin has been recognized as an official method of payment by some reputable companies. More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and opening their cash registers ready to accept cryptocurrencies as a way to buy goods and services with. 

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay
Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have already caused a stir within government departments regarding their uses. Not only that but they have caused a disruption that has been waiting to happen for a very long time. Trust in traditional financial markets has been at an all time low ever since the 2008 economic crash, and people are also putting less trust and faith into banks and government institutions. Cryptocurrencies are a way to establish trust between ordinary citizens rather than relying on banks.

It’s easy to get started
All you need is a computer and decent internet connection, and you’re ready to get going. You can use the services of an online cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance that has a host of other cryptocurrencies that you can purchase. There are countless hardware and software wallets that can be used to store your coins in too, and are easy to get hold of.

It is already accepted in the mainstream
The fact that the whole world knows about the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been a major catalyst. Due to bitcoin being more well known has lead to the progression of it being accepted in some of the worlds biggest companies. Not only that but as of last year, it made its official debut on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Despite all the good things about bitcoin there have been many cases where people have lost homes and lost their entire life savings because of the cryptocurrency, which is why it’s best left to the people who know what they’re doing. Apex Coins are a wealth management company that manage over $50 billion worth of assets, that also specialize in bitcoin. They are able to produce returns of up to 10% on a weekly basis for investors, that include billionaires and millionaires. You can invest as little as $1000 to start with, and start receiving up to 10% weekly returns, not to mention referral bonuses too. Try Apex Coins Kenya here

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