Thursday, August 30, 2018 - UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, was pinned down by respected Channel 4 correspondent, Michael Crick, before her visit to Roben Island where Nelson Mandela was jailed.

The no-nonsense journalist asked Theresa May tough questions that nearly made her sweat blood.

After the Prime Minister said that UK had played an important role in the release of Mr Mandela, Mr Crick responded back and asked 

"What did you do? What did you do? Did you go on protests? Did you get arrested outside the embassy?

"Did you boycott South African goods? Did you do anything? At that stage, Mrs Thatcher believed that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Were you a loyal Conservative Party member? Did you think the same thing?"

Mr Crick persisted with his relentless questioning, asking Mrs May whether she would feel "guilty" during her visit to Robben Island.

He continued: 

"Now you are going to Robben Island. Are you going to be feeling guilty that at the time Nelson Mandela was on Robben Island you, Theresa May, did nothing to help his release? You personally."

Githeri Kenyan journalists should watch this video and learn how to ask tough questions.


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