This is why Citizen TV’s JEFF KOINANGE may be banned from TV forever - See what is happening to him over ATWOLI

Friday August 17, 2018 - Award Winning Journalist, Jeff Koinange, has been summoned by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) after he interviewed Central Organisation of Trade Union (COTU) Secretary General, Francis Atwoli.
During the Wednesday evening interview with the old man, Jeff asked the 69 year old COTU boss about his bedroom prowess after he announced that he had married a 34 year old lady as his third wife.

According to MCK, some of the questions Jeff asked Atwoli had sexual connotations and were asked at the wrong time.

“By this letter MCK wishes to inform you that it reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the host of the programme and the media in view of the above contravened clauses.”

“In the meantime urgently furnish the council with steps taken to avoid such occurrences in future," MCK asked the Royal Media Services.

Royal Media Services is the employer of Jeff Koinange.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation between Koinange and Atwoli.

(Show host) Jeff: (Photos of Awoli and Kilobi appear on screen) Who is that?

Atwoli: That’s my wife.

Jeff: Number?

Atwoli: Aaaaaaah she should now be number two because the second wife went to politics.

Jeff: Went into what?

Atwoli: Politics.

Jeff: So she left you after politics or what?

Atwoli: Nooo, I have released her for politics.

Jeff: (Laughs) you released her for what?

Atwoli: She (Mary) is a cute, girl, a good cook and very loving.

Jeff: But she is half your age?

Atwoli: That doesn’t matter. There is no age limit between a man and a woman. Everywhere in the world.

Jeff: Lakini kazi bado unafanya (you are still performing)?

Atwoli: Mbaya sana. (Prolonged laughter from both).


  1. Jeff thinks that since he is Presidents step brother that he is above law, yet he molested a co worker while working with CNN

  2. It's a shame that a journalist of Jeff's standing doesn't know the appropriate questions to ask. Many families watch his popular shows and people were very embarrassed with questions of sexual nature. Atwoli had to remind him that his own children could have been watching! Let's have some manners.

  3. Hassan Joho and mashoga wa mombasa county come and remove the heap of rumbles you have left at the door of best lady simply becoz best lady went to court and protested against ur remote idea of painting buildings Isarel flag color and by the way the building is painted only the door is creamson pink..JOho kuma la mamako ..simbi la mamako wewe na baba yako ambaye anafiri vijana pale mishomoroni...NUGU...kweli mombasa people made mistake to elect zunga hanithi msenge joho...kuja sasa....tuta wapiga risasi za mikundu wacha zile za shingo pale buxton ....KUMA KUMA KUMA KUMA

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