This is how the Ksh 2 billion South End Mall was demolished by NEMA, these guys have no mercy (VIDEO)

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - The popular South End Mall that was built on a riparian land has been demolished by NEMA.

A bulldozer brought down the mall that is built along Mutuini-Ngong River as police kept watch.

Those who had businesses in the mall were seen rushing to salvage anything they could but it was too late.

NEMA has promised to bring down all buildings built along riparian land, an exercise that will see several malls and lavish apartments demolished.

Here’s a video of how the South End Mall was demolished.


  1. Yea Sonko go ahead, angusha Taj mall, T-mall, Sameer Park, Cabanas, Ukay nkt.... and leave your already dead dad out of it. Sema over your dead body not that of your long dead and buried buda.

    Another one, achana na sarakasi za pesa ndogondogo za publicity stunts ma hospitalini. Chop some heads where things are not working and upgrade those that are working. Hii ingine hii unatuletea ni afro sinema tu.

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