This guy’s masterpiece on Kenya’s Middle Class is a must read for all, this is the bitter truth

There is something peculiar about Kenya's pseudo middle class, those that live in Donholm, Jacaranda, Kasarani, Roysambu and cruise around with cars like Premio, Fielder.
This is the clique that reports to their corporate places of employment like Insurance Companies and Banks by 7 a.m, conform to all the instructions given, whether infringing or not, and will leave for home at 5 pm as stipulated on the wall

On weekdays, they put on bespoke suits, polka dot ties with three pieces, some spectacles on even when they have no eyesight problems, glittering Vacheron Constantin watch and a Samsung Phone or an Iphone with their pride normally beyond control.

On weekends, you will spot them in some fancy sports shoes, shorts that are above their knees, some Arsenal or Manchester United jersey with their names encrypted at the back and with their car keys always hanging in their hands for public display.

Accompanied by their usual family of a wife, a kid or two, you will see them trooping to Garden City Mall, Greenspan Mall or Thika Road Mall. They will go for merry-go-rounds, movies and grab some pizza and ice cream and then post those photos on Facebook with captions like 'day out with family' (which is not wrong by the way).

To those deeply immersed in this class, they will often put on similar tshirts to prove their point of love. Other times, KFC and Java become their options for fries and chicken wings. Sunday approaches and that becomes none of my business.

This is the class that ever remains civic specatators as the poor fight for their space while the rich steal from the poor. They will vote the peoole they deem as cool and will always argue that leader A is as corrupt as B and therefore none of them is better.

The poor people vote, the middle class will vote too and the rich the same.

The rich will rig the election in favour of…

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