This guy’s masterpiece on Kenya’s Middle Class is a must read for all, this is the bitter truth

…their preferred candidate, the poor will demonstrate against subversion of the will of the people and the the middle class will be peeping from the comfort of their balcony, frothing their mouths how the poor are disrupting their quiet stay.

To them, whoever becomes the president is none of their business. They don't give a damn about the trajectory that our politics is taking, they don't give a fuck about our country as it is sliding down into the slippery dungeon of corruption, they don't give a hoot about the criminalization of juveniles even within their institutions of learning, it doesn't irk them that crime rate is proliferated for as long as it doesn't come their way and they won't even speak out against institutionalized extra judicial killings that is threatening to wipe out a whole generation.

All they care about is whether Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal won or not, whether a new estate resort has been opened or not, whether their children's schools are opening for this term or not, whether there is traffic snarl up on Jogoo Road or not, whether Emma Jalamo or Ken Wa Maria will be performing at Club Samba or not, whether their seniors at places of work showed up or not and whether Pronto has compromised the quality of its tea or not.

This is the group that organized some failed protests on Monday over hiking fuel costs under some armophous banner called the Motorists Assocaiation of Kenya because the cost of car fuel is where life pinches them the most.

They had plans to park their cars in all major roads in the city to cause crazy traffic snarl up only for their bosses to send them prompt messages asking why they have not yet reported to work.

How the roads ended up clear is a story for another day.

This is the same group that reminded us that Uhuru and Raila are the same only that Uhuru is cooler than Raila.

You can now fuel your cars with his coolness.

Over to you jo upper!

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