Siku hizi salamu zimebaki niza “Niaje Brathe” - Dr OFWENEKE mocked by his curvy ex-wife NICAH THE QUEEN.

Monday, August 13, 2018 - Before Dr Ofweneke broke up with his curvy ex-wife, Nicah The Queen, everybody thought that they were the ultimate celebrity couple.

They used to splash photos getting mushy on social media and at times, they would write each other sweet words.

But behind the smiles and romantic photos on social media, Nicah was suffering in the hands of her abusive husband.

After their marriage flopped, Nicah revealed that Dr Ofweneke used to beat her like a dog.
Nicah wrote a post mocking her ex-husband and revealed that these days, they no longer miss each other.

She posted a throwback photo when they were the hottest celebrity couple in town and captioned it

“Sijui nini husumbua facebook na hizi memories zao.Just on my fb and they pop like "We think you'd love to share a memory of you from 4yrs ago."wacha sasa niwashow watu wangu.Hapa mapenzi ilikuwa imeshika kushika!tukidanganyana hatuwezi ishi bila mwingine Ama ata kulala. saa hii kila mtu analala na kumwaga mate kwa pillow. hakuna mwenye anatambua mwingine.salamu tumebaki nazo nizile za NIAJE BRATHE???lakini Bora Uhai”
 photo 4_zpsyvtntn5l.png

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