...I was not diagnosed early.”

“Because AML becomes fatal within weeks and month.”

“It would have killed me by Christmas, I would have been ex-Safaricom CEO,"

While he wanted to undergo speedy treatment and return to carry on his duties at Safaricom, the doctors warned him that he could relapse and within weeks the cancer would be back and worse.

“If you go home I can guarantee you that in six-month time, the cancer will back and it will be worse than when you came here and I would not be able to put you in a curative programme,” the doctors told him.

While he’s currently clean, doctors are closely monitoring him.

He also cannot attend social gatherings since his immunity is very low.

"I need to stay away from social gatherings, parties, buffets because my immunity is at zero so I am susceptible.”

“All the immunity I built in my 60 years is gone.”

“I also need to stay away from young children.”

“My doctor also told me that I cannot go to Mombasa,” he said.

"People need to understand that I am not trying to be offensive.” He concluded.

We wish him well.


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