RAILA ODINGA is a sellout and greedy leader, he should never compare himself to MANDELA or any liberator - MIGUNA

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Thursday August 23, 2018 - Self proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) General, Miguna Miguna, has once again gone hammer and tongs on his former boss, opposition leader Raila Odinga.
Sharing via social media on Thursday, Miguna who is currently in exile in Canada said Raila Odinga is a senile sellout who doesn’t care about the plight of his supporters.

Miguna also insisted that Raila Odinga was bribed with Sh 5 billion by President Uhuru Kenyatta to betray NASA supporters on March 9th.

He also termed Kenyans as fools for comparing Raila Odinga to Nelson Mandela saying Raila Odinga is a greedy leader who cannot be compared to the late South African anti-apartheid hero.

Mr. @RailaOdinga cannot be compared to Nelson Mandela. Mandela did NOT betray his comrades nor did he cowardly surrender to Botha and the Nationalist Party; he agreed to be released on condition that Apartheid was DISMANTLED and FRESH ELECTIONS held. @RailaOdinga is a sellout,” Miguna said.

For the cowards with low self-esteem celebrating the fact that @UKenyatta and Raila Odinga destroyed my valid Kenyan passport and my house, abducted, detained and tortured me before forcefully removing me, mark this in PERMANENT INK: I am coming back after September 4th. Viva!” Miguna added.

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