...achievements, the nominee said after his intervention as the Canadian High Commissioner, Kenya was put back in SIDA.

SIDA is a Swedish Government agency aimed at reducing poverty in the world.

"Some of the profits were the free primary education support.”

“I think something went wrong somewhere along the way but I did my job as the Ambassador,” he said.

He also said when he was in Canada, he negotiated a lot with the Canadian Government on how to support the Judiciary in Kenya.

"The Judicial support institute was heavily supported by Canada," he said.


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  1. This clown fired all the kamba local staff at the kenya embassy Washington DC including some very long serving staff telling them that he was sorry but he had to create room for his relatives.They were fired without a single benefit.I am sure he is going to repeat the same thing where he is going...that why things country are so wrong.plus this man is past retirement age.he should be herding goats in his village.