No nonsense digital CUCU embarrasses NTV’s AMINA ABDI on live TV - Zero Chills (VIDEO)

Sunday, August 05, 2018 - NTV Trend host, Amina Abdi, had a rough day in the office in the hands of a no nonsense guest.

Amina was interviewing Cecilia Wangari, the 80-year old granny who owns a Sound Garage where she fixes sound systems on cars in Kariobangi.

The digital savvy granny was disappointed with the short time allocated for her interview and told off Amina live on air.

She felt short-changed after Amina told her time was up while she had not shared all she wanted to share to the country.

Hio muda isiishe kama hio muda kama ulikuwa umeniita, unite usikize lakini usiniambie muda ikwishe ulikuwa unaniita kufanya nini, nikwambie usikize na Kenya mzima isikize si wewe pekeako. Na usikie kutoka dakika hii na ukisikia tutaelewana ukikosa kusikia hatutaelewana juu kitu iko kwa roho yangu kama haitoki mimi hakuna kitu inanisaidia,” said Wangari forcing the director to give her some more minutes.

Watch part of the video below. Click on the link and go to the second video

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