LADIES, stop ignoring MEN in your DM, Read how this Kenyan couple met online and married.


That’s Willy Murithi. In 2013 he commented on one of my blog posts. Then a Karol Ntinyari commented on his comment. He stared at the photo on her handle and murmured, “Well, hallo there sunrise.”

A friend request was then sent which Karol duly ignored. Months later she commented on another story on my blog.

On her comment he wrote, “Hey, please accept my friend request.”

When she accepted he did a Meru dance. A bad Meru dance. He stayed up late looking at her FB pictures. Some people call it stalking, he called it preparation.

Then he inboxed; “Hey, It’s Willy, from Biko’s comments. Your hair, I love. You’re not from my neck of woods, are you?” (Ok, my words but work with me). She said she was half Somali half Meru. Like half chips, half salad.

The following week they went on a date. Her skin looked so healthy he wanted to plant a bush of roses on it. Small problem; he only had 600bob so when she ordered chicken for 800bob he started palpitating.

He couldn’t concentrate. Later he excused himself to go powder his nose and sent an SOS to Raph his boy. “Mayday! She ordered poultry!” Raph Mpesad & his heartbeat stabilized.

They went on date two, three. Weeks later he invited her over to his in South C to show her his family album - or the real willy. Days later he lost his job. Then his car. Then he was kicked out of his digs.

That night he told her that he…

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