Kibera Magistrate caught red handed receiving bribe (EVIDENCE)! MARAGA should read this and stop burying his head in the sand

Monday August 20, 2018 - The Judiciary has once again been put on the spot light after a Magistrate was caught red handed diverting public money into his own account.

The incident happen in Nairobi after a motorist revealed how police and the Judiciary collude in conning and stealing money from the public.

James Ogalo Wariero claimed that Magistrates and traffic police officers divert huge fines collected from offenders to private enterprises and their pockets.  

Wariero claimed that last week he was arrested over a traffic offence and slapped with a fine of Sh 30,000 by Kibera Magistrate, Derrick Kuto.

"There is something fishy going on in Magistrate Kuto's court.”

“At the most benign, there is a problem with how the payments are made, possibly set up to profit private enterprises from transaction fees instead of using the judiciary PayBill.”

“At worst there is a suspicious combination of harsh hefty fines and questionable handling of fines paid," Wariero said.

Here is his entire post…

I have given this a two-week cooling off period for perspective; I was rather angered by it all at the time. 

After a Kabete policeman who had stopped me at Kinoo couldn't find my car registration in their speeding book he came round the car and eventually decided one of my rear tyres was worn.

The tyre was indeed marginal, it had hit the tyre wear indicator in the grooves. He asked me "Sasa tufanye nini?" I ignored what he was implying ( a bribe) told him I would take a warning and change the tyres. He declined and decided to write me a notice to attend court.

The following Monday I appeared in court no. 5 at Kibera before Magistrate Derrick Kuto. Signs that I might be in more trouble than I had anticipated started when he shifted from cases transferred from other courts and started to hit traffic offenders with eye-popping fines.

Four guys who were touting got a fine of KSh 40,000 each or 3 months in jail. Another 3 guys the same.

A driver who had caused obstruction and done something else got 40k for each count.
My time came. I pleaded guilty and was asked to speak in mitigation. I requested leniency and said a few words. He hit me with a…

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