Tuesday August 7, 2018 - Kenyans on Twitter have accused State House Spokesperson, Kanze Dena, of being incompetent and embarrassing President Uhuru Kenyatta and State House.

Over the last one month that Kanze has been President Kenyatta’s spokesperson, she has only been addressing Kenyans with Swahili because she is not fluent in English.

Many Kenyans are now wondering what Kanze Dena will say when she accompanies President Uhuru Kenyatta to the United States on August 27.

There were also concerns about her seriousness from some prominent Kenyans like Donald Kipkorir who wondered why she chose to put the country in suspense with a press conference from State House, Mombasa, only to tell us what she could have tweeted.

She called a press conference at 3:30pm and showed up at 6pm only to announce that Uhuru had been invited to the US.

“For State House, Mombasa to alert the Country to watch tv at 3:30pm, then place the Country on suspense till nearly 6pm only tell us they have an invite from White House is Chicanery, Jugglery & Skulduggery! Kanze Dena ought to have just posted it on her Twitter Timeline,” Kipkorir said

According to a statement issued by White House on…

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