Is CBK Governor PATRICK NJOROGE a thief hiding behind OPUS DEI? See what they did with Oracle boss, CORINE

...hails from Muranga County, received a kickback of millions to shillings from Oracle and that is why he refused to allow other companies to participate in the tender.

Revered blogger, Robert Alai, has asked the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, to investigate the “monk Governor” because he has been stealing from public.

“CBK fraud of Ksh 1.3 billion.”

“Governor Njoroge received kickbacks for single sourcing a useless BI system from Oracle.”

“Just crazy. DCI should arrest Njoroge and Oracle boss, Corine. #CBKOracleFraud,” Alai said on Tuesday.


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  1. Oracle sounds like a database company

  2. What is Corine Last Name?

  3. Single Sourcing Single Eye

  4. What does BI stand for?

  5. "puts the fear of God ahead" Corine. Fearless

  6. Corine. Fearless. That's your. Last. Name

  7. God said wild animals will fear man Corine. Fearless. Does. Not. Fear. Prosecution. From. DCI "the Investigators"

  8. I fear eating rotten meat. so. I. Am. Vegetarian. I don't even. Knowingly or willingly eat honey. I don't drink milk. I. Avoid. Eating. Anything that is from animals. Food. For. Me. Is. What. Comes. Out. Of. The. Ground. Might. Have. Roots. Have. Seed. Or. Green. Herb. Fruit. From. Underground. Food. Like. Sweet. Potatoes

  9. I eat vegetarian food

  10. I eat dairy free icecream

  11. I drink cold coke

  12. I will file for a cold bankruptcy protection

  13. Corine Fearless

  14. I will file for a cold bankruptcy protection

  15. I will give myself space to repent

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