Graduates narrate how they stoop low to low paying jobs, Degrees and Masters in Kenya have become useless ( TWEETS).

Friday, August 31, 2018 - The high rate of unemployment in Kenya is forcing graduates to stoop low to poor paying jobs that only cater for their bills.

Gone are the days when Degrees and Masters earned you well paying jobs in big companies.

This thread narrates the plight of many Kenyan graduates caused by a high level of unemployment.

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  1. Bad attitude. Anyone can start anywhere an move on. I started as a loader on a farm loading sacks of maize and wheat after chuo, now i glob trot and hobnob with the highfliers. I i know of a guys i once hired as a casual years ago to clean stores yet he was a degree holder but now i earn like 1/3 of his salary. He is a in one of those high paying global jobs. The man was humble and just needed a toe in the door to proof himself. The rest as they say is history... ATTITUDE now determines ALTITUDE tomorrow. Joblessness is a old as the universe, so get used to it and learn to manage until that door opens, and it will.

  2. Point of correction anon 08:16, The government is responsible to create jobs opportunities, If the government allows curtails to import finished products from overseas means they are taking the jobs to other countries...our sugar industries , Textile, meat processing KMC are all gone to the dogs with the latest crude oil discoveries in Turkan and the crude oil is exported for refining and imported back simply because they killed Kenya Petroleum Refineries ltd in Mombasa, high levy and tax makes cost of manufacturing high such that our local manufactured commodities cannot compete in global market. As long as our factories will be sorry to say this their shall be no JOBS IN KENYA, and the country will be very fragile like Somalia. That is why more youths indulge in spirits they call alcohol while young girls are deep in prostitution...many youths do not celebrate their 30th birth day because they die of HIV/ AIDs related disease like Cancer.....The back stop with the president ..history will judge him

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