Sunday August 12, 2018 - Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris, has opposed the ongoing demolitions of illegal houses saying it will badly effect the economy of the entire country.
Speaking on Saturday at Eldoret Sports Club, Uasin Gishu County, Passaris said that the Government’s decision to demolish houses in Nairobi is scaring away investors. 

“The country is going through difficult times since houses constructed by investors are being demolished without following legal procedures.”

“It is time the County Government of Nairobi in collaboration with the National Government to stop the unnecessary demolition of houses which were constructed after owners received approvals from relevant Government agencies to construct the houses,” Passaris said.

The ODM elected lawmaker also challenged elected leaders to work around the clock and serve their electorate as by the campaign promises. 

“This is not the time for politics.”

“Elected leaders should be ready for criticism from opponents since they will remain awake for the next five years to serve the electorate,” she said.


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  1. Might Pasaris be one of the investors?

    Impunity must die. Waende wenye wanataka kwenda tubaki na wale wanaotii sheria. On this issue i am not only on the same page with the Prezo but in the same paragraph, sentence and word!

    Hapo Unye kusema kweli tuko pamoja. You have erased that nasty phrase you complaint to us a while back when you whined , 'mungetaka nifanye nini' from our minds. Very good!!

    THIS IS WHAT WE WANTED YOU TO DO ALL ALONG! Time for talking is over, it is the sledge hammer meeting matofari na simiti.

    Bomoa structures on public and riparian land, fukuza watu toka forest reserves na funga kila mwizi, wawe ni wa kuku ama mashamba bila kuchagua ama kubagua.

    Kwanza Kiptakich itoke Mau, Taj Mall ianguke, hi spagheti ya barabara iundwe vizuri and vile vile Cabanas na LG premises zitoke interchanges zitengenezwe properly.

    Hii ukalulu ya impunity ni lazima iishe. Your legacy will be secure if you apply the big stick equally na sio kubomoa vibanda kibera na kuwaacha akina sameer SG, na wengine Mombasa road eti ni ma-investor. Hio haitasaidia legacy yako bwana rais. Kama umeamue kule nguruwe, kwa nini ubagishe mkia?! Meza yote na uitishe nyingine.

    Seriously i feel like buying you a drink! You are pressing all the right buttons man! Or are we dreaming?