Did UHURU bribe RAILA over the ongoing demolitions? MUTAHI NGUNYI’s take will leave you even more surprised

Tuesday August 14, 2018 - The ongoing demolitions of buildings sitting on riparian land would not be taking place if NASA leader, Raila Odinga, was still in Opposition. 

This was revealed by political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, who alleged that Raila was compromised by President Uhuru Kenyatta before demolitions began.

According to Ngunyi, the controversial demolition of the people’s buildings was only taking place because President Uhuru was not experiencing any form of resistance since shaking hands with Raila.

He noted that no one was brave or powerful enough to challenge the President because of the simple fact that the opposition was now weakened or even non-existent since Raila decided to work with Jubilee.

“Who is checking Uhuru as he demolishes 4000 buildings approved by his Government?”

“Why is Raila missing in action?”

“If Raila will not question Uhuru because he has been compromised, is there no other voice in Opposition?” Ngunyi posed.


  1. No need for other voices in this matter Mutahi. Impunity in and out of government must be check-mated. And there is no time like now to slay that dragon. The only condition from me is; there should be no sacred cows, goats, sheep or otherwise! Bomoa-Bomoa right left and center ata kama ni ya Kenyattas, Mois or Kibakis na wakubwa wengine sio tu vibanda ya akina mama mboga na mzee makaa kibera.

    Dida and Waititu should go hang on a transformer for all we care. These are the architects of impunity and they must be silenced. for Dida to compare Kenya and Dubai is a big NO! Dubai planned their land reclamation and development, they did not grab public land as is the case here.

    Waititu's suggestions is complete idiocy. Whose land is the river going to be diverted through? Secondly, what if both sides have been messed up with as is most likely the case along the river courses? Make fly-over-kind-of-aqueducts like the Romans of old i suppose? That is stupid if i must say so! Let us carry forward this exercise to it's logical conclusion, however expensive.

    Governor Mandago started the removal of encroachments on road reserves earlier this year, and i encourage every county to emulate this move now and strike while the iron is still hot. We may never get such an opportunity again!

    Next aim all guns at the traffic police and slay the hydra-headed dragon of bribery there. It is high time we asked ourselves do we really need the traffic police? Just see this; today around 6.10 am at Daystar-KMTC-City Mortuary roundabout, one cop was busy messing up the perfectly working traffic lights by urging those of us who had stopped for the red lights to proceed!! I mean seriously?!

    In this age of AI and robotics, it is possible to replace the cops with integrated apps and systems that never tire, ask for bribes nor need medical covers. If these cops do not style up then they should be removed from our roads and reduced to desk jobs or redeployed to regular service in Garbatulah, Griftu and Kacheliba among other places that need boots on the ground!

    Recently i visited a country that had systems that worked like clock work and for a two weeks i never came across a traffic policeman. Even the regular ones on the beat were so rare that i was forced to ask how they deal with traffic offences. I was told for accidents, police attend to them but for other on the road infractions, like speeding, jumping lanes, traffic lights etc, these are attended to by an intelligent system that records your infraction, sends you a ticket, a fine and logs your sins in the database. If you exceed a certain number the license is automatically cancelled and police alerted to look out for you if you fail to adhere. Just make the mistake of being caught and facing the law and you will pay such a hefty fine that it is painful to break the road rules! We need this.

    We can even innovate on how to kill the negative matatu culture. Just crash all dangerously driven ones into scrap metal and those that break other rules suffer being impounded for months and yet others have the licenses cancelled for both operators and the vehicles. This will put paid the menace of matatuism and streamline the system. The same should apply to bodabodas. Apply this across the board and in no time, Kenya will move from a 3rd to a 2nd if not a 1st world status in a matter of days.

    In short let us make impunity painful to the miscreants.

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