Crime and Punishment: The Wildest Things People Got Arrested For

Wherever there's a crime, there must be punishment, too - a penalty imposed by the authorities, usually. But there are times when the punishment is out of proportion - when the craziest things get people arrested. It is up to you to decide whether the things these people have done have justified the punishment they received. But for sure, they make even the craziest celebrity arrests in Las Vegas seem perfectly normal.

Up high, throwing

At first, things seemed to be peaceful, even if a bit weird, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada: there was just a simple guy standing on top of a building. For some, it seemed to be a bit too weird, though - the people passing by called the police to get the man down from his high lookout. But when the man saw the authorities coming to get him, he lost his temper and started throwing bricks at the policemen trying to convince him to get off the roof. Things escalated quickly, so a police negotiator was called to convince the guy to climb down from the roof through a chimney. He finally obeyed, but lost his balance and fell into the chimney. Ultimately, he was apprehended by the authorities and arrested for mischief and assaulting a police officer. Upon arrest, a sword was also found on him - it seems that he was expecting invaders to fend off...

Dirty talk

Talking dirty is perfectly fine among friends after a few beers, and it can do wonders to spice up your S3X life - but there's a time and a place for it. This is what Clyde Hobbs apparently didn't know, insisting to talk dirty to none other than 911 (like 999) operators. And not even once: he called 911 to talk dirty to it 17 times in a single day. He wasn't even surprised when the police showed up at his door, charging him with making false reports and putting him in jail.

Bad mom

In America, there are many parents that seem to be obsessed with their children fulfilling their dreams - most of the times, to become a successful doctor, athlete or beauty queen. New Jersey mom Patricia Krentcil is apparently one of these - she put her five-year-old daughter inside a tanning booth. As a result, the child suffered second-degree burns, and Patricia was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. Even though both her daughter and the beauty salon operator claimed that she was the one putting the child in harm's way, the mommy kept insisting that she was innocent, and it was all made up.

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