Citizen TV’s LILIAN MULI breaks silence over Sh250K maternity bill - God has given me the ability to afford.

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…get even more upset because you are talking crap out of ignorance healthcare in this country is very expensive.

“And then again I wonder how much you contributed to my bill that gives you the right to have an opinion on my life!!!”

“I will never under any circumstances shy away from enjoying the blessings that come my way and YES my children are such a big deal to me if I want to shout that they are from the mountain top or everywhere I can I will.”

“If it hurts you pole sana you could just choose to look away or not listen!”

“Don’t hate me coz I’m Blessed pray for the same to come your way!”

“Jealousy is the same thing as witchcraft it is evil check yourself!

“The next time you talk about me just know you are exposing how bitter you are about your life!”

“All the bad things you’ve ever wished me will never come to pass it’s wishful thinking and I suggest you give up.”

“I keep saying Hate has become the veil that frustrated people use to cover up their own insecurities don’t be mad at me I’m not the one who hurt you.”

“That’s the last time I will ever address this nonsense.


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