CATHERINE WARUGURU now why reveals she married WILLIAM KIGEN - No KIKUYU man in Central seduced me, even a wink

Thursday August 9, 2018 - Laikipia Woman Representative, Catherine Waruguru, has opened up about her love life and why she chose to be married to a Kalenjin man rather than the Kikuyu men.
Speaking at PCEA Mathaithi Church in Nyeri, Waruguru encouraged women in Nyeri and the entire Central Kenya to look for husbands outside Mt. Kenya region, saying during her time no Kikuyu man ever made a move on her while at her hometown of Nyeri.

She noted that when she moved to the Rift Valley due to land scarcity, she found a Kalenjin guy by the name William Kigen who she fell in love with and she married him right away since no one had committed to marry her back home.

“When I was in Nyeri, none of the guys winked at me.”

“But in Nanyuki, I met a Kalenjin guy who took me to Kericho,” she confessed while addressing worshipers.

Waruguru insisted that she is legally married to lawyer William Kigen, and rubbished the drama in Kericho in which she and her William were denied access to a hotel room for lack of a marriage certificate.


  1. What happened to your tribe brothers? are they to robbers to the extent they can be marriage materials?

    But your region women are brothers killers across all tribes to maintain the in born trail of killing to steal from those they've killed in the name of marriage. What a shit tribe on the face of the earth!

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