BOBI WINE’s wife BARBIE reveals how her husband was tortured when cops re-arrested him, they want him disabled for life.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018 - The wife of popular Ugandan singer turned politician, Bobi Wine, has narrated how cops stormed Entebbe Airport while he was waiting for a flight to Washington, US, where he was going to seek specialized medical attention.

According to Wine’s wife, the cops forced him into an ambulance, switched off the lights and started beating him like a dog infront of a Government doctor.

They then dumped him at a local public hospital which is different from the one he has been admitted since his release.

Doctors at Lubaga Hospital where Bobi Wine was seeking medical attention had written a medical report recommending for his urgent medical treatment abroad.

But cops sent by the Government stormed the airport and re-arrested him.

According to Bobi’s wife, the cops want him disabled for life.

Wine’s wife posted a statement on her official facebook page saying, Bobi has been violently arrested by Security forces at Entebbe airport as he was heading to Washington, USA for treatment even when he has clearance from court to travel. He has a medical report from Lubaga hospital recommending urgent medical treatment abroad. He told me that as soon as they closed the ambulance doors, he was again brutally beaten in front of a government doctor. They switched off the lights in the ambulance and started battering him! Bobi is now back in pain and he is dumped at Kirudu hospital. He has missed his flight and time is running out. There is something we're not getting. By denying him access to medical treatment, do they need him disabled for life? We also strongly object to their doctors forcefully trying to administer treatment or draw samples from him. The same people who have acquiesced in torturing him cannot be trusted with his body.”
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