Arrogant Taj Mall owner, GOVIND GORASIA, dares UHURU to demolish his multi-billion investment - You will know who I am

Thursday August 16, 2018 - The owner of the much debated Taj Mall, which has since been renamed to Airgate Mall, has dared the Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta to go and demolish the building saying he will not remove it.
Speaking to the press, an emotional Ramesh Chandra Govind Gorasia vowed never to demolish the mall himself saying whoever wants to demolish the building, to do it themselves.

The arrogant Ramesh even dared President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko, who are leading in demolitions to do their worst saying he does not fear anyone.

“I am saying this openly to any authority, I am not going to remove this structure, not even to my death!”

“If they want to remove it, they come and do it themselves.”

“Whoever is ordering this demolition stop hiding, come out and face me, I am not scared of anything,” said an irate Gorasia.

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  1. Cut your losses and run man! Hii ni serikali, it gives with one hand and takes with the other. Nakumatt came down, so what is Taj mall? The Taj Mahal?

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