136 Vacancies in USAID in Kenya – PMI VectorLink Project

Abt Associates
PMI VectorLink Kenya Project
Abt Associates, a major American business and government research, technical assistance, and consulting company, manages the USAID-funded Vector Control Task Order 1.
Task Order 1 will support the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) and USAID to plan and implement an integrated vector control approach with the overall goal of reducing the burden of malaria.
Abt has implemented indoor residual spraying (IRS) for PMI since 2011, delivering high-quality IRS programs and gathering the most comprehensive vector control entomological data in the world.
Under this contract, Abt will expand entomological monitoring to guide programs focused on insecticide-treated mosquito nets and IRS and continue to assist PMI in reducing the burden of malaria through IRS and capacity building in 22 African countries where malaria is endemic. Abt also will continue to support PMI in IRS monitoring and evaluation, as well as environmental compliance.
The PMI VectorLink Kenya Project is led by Abt Associates, an international development organization composed of dedicated professionals who provide technical assistance, research, analysis, and practical training services in more than 128 countries.
The PMI VectorLink Kenya Project seeks candidates to assist in implementing in six sub counties (Rongo, Awendo, Uriri, Suna East, Suna West and Nyatike) in Migori and Eight Sub- counties (Rangwe, Homabay Township, Ndhiwa, Mbita, Rachuonyo North, Kabondo, Kasipul and Suba) in Homabay county Kenya in the following temporary positions:
NB: These positions will be on a short term contract, not more than 2 months and/or on need basis.
These include:-
Position: Operational Site Coordinator
Supervisor: County Coordinator
Location: Migori County, Kenya
No. Required: 66 (28 in Migori and 38 in Homabay)
Overall Purpose: Under the supervision of the VectorLink’s County Coordinator, ensures efficient logistics support services to county warehouse and stores besides supervising Storekeeper. They are responsible to ensure that the operational IRS operational plan is implemented in their specific operational sites.
Migori Sites
1.       Osingo Dispensary
2.      Agenga Dispensary
3.      Muhuru H/C
4.      Uriri Health Centre,
5.      Oyani Health Centre
6.      Suna Ragana Dispensary
7.      Mariwa H/C
8.     Suna Rabuor Dispensary
9.      Macalder SCH
10.  Nyandago Koweru Health centre
11.   Othoro sub county hospital,
12.  Nyamaranga H/C
13.  Ongo Health Centre
14.  Rabondo Dispensary
15.   Migori County Referal Hospital
16.  Wath Onger
17.   Rongo Sub county Hospital
18.  Lela Dispensary
19.  Bondo Dispensary
20. Kochola Dispensary
21.  Dede Dispensary
22. Anjego Dispensary
23. Karungu SCH
24. Awendo SCH
25.  Bware Dispensary
26. Arombe Dispensary
27.  North Kamagambo
28. Kanyasa /Alendo chief’s camp
Homabay operations sites
Mbita Subcounty
1.       Kitare H/C
2.      Ogongo SCH
3.      Mbita SCH
Suba Subcounty
1.       Suba Sub District Hospital, , Center,
2.      Nyamrisa Health Center
3.      Nyandiwa H/C
4.      Nyatoto Health Center,
5.      Magunga Health Center
Kasipul (Rachuonyo South) Subcounty
1.       Sino Health Center,
2.      Koywech Dispensary,
3.      Rachuonyo District Hospital,
4.      Nyang’iela Sub District Hospital
5.      Ombek Health Center
Kabondo (Rach East)
1.       Kakelo (Ober) Chief’s camp,
2.      Othoro SCH,
3.      Kabondo SCH,
4.      Ringa Chief’s camp
Homabay Town ship Subcounty
1.       Nyalkinyi Health Center,
2.      County HQ
3.      Marindi,
4.      Pala masogo
Rachuonyo North Subcounty
1.       Okiki Amayo H/C,
2.      Kendu bay Sub-county Hospital,
3.      Wagwe Dispensary
4.      Miriu Dispensary,
5.      Omboga Dispensary
6.      Homa Hills
Rangwe Subcounty
1.       Nyagoro Health Center,
2.      Rangwe Sub-county hospital
3.      Rariw Dispensary
4.      Ndiru Health centre
Nhiwa Subcounty
1.       Malela HC,
2.      Okok Disp,
3.      Omboo Kachieng, Disp
4.      Magina HC
5.      Pala Disp,
6.      Got Kojowi Health Center.
7.      Ndhiwa Sub County Hospital
Programme support:
·         Provide overall oversight, leadership, and management of IRS activities at operational site
·         Responsible for overseeing all administrative operations at the operational site.
·         Work closely with the site supervisors to ensure proper coordination of mobilization and spray operations activities in the site as per site operational plans
·         Update village maps to show areas already sprayed
·         Ensure daily update of the Mobilization performance tracker
·         Work closely with the site SOP and IEC supervisors to follow up on the missed structures
·         Provide oversight on Property management and inventory control activities at the operational site and ensures no shortage of IRS commodities.
·         Work closely with County Coordinator and Environmental Compliance Officer, in strengthening environmental compliance procedures and monitoring of IRS activities
·         Ensure the team leader’s summary is recorded in the spray performance Tracker at the operational site on daily basis.
·         Collect and deliver all daily spray records to the M&E Assistants on daily basis.
·         Ensure vehicle log sheet is completed accurately by drivers and duly signed daily.
·         Oversee the collection of used insecticide containers and ensure sorting, transportation and storage of same in county central stores.
·         Ensure all timesheets are signed and uploaded on a daily basis. Endure hard copies of the timesheets are shared timely with the finance assistant.
·         Attend all morning mobilization and end of day debrief meetings and document issues discussed.
Required qualifications and Experience:
·         Training in logistics, procurement, supplies and management.
·         Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field preferred
·         At least 2 years’ experience plus 6 months supervisory experience in handling basic Logistic and procurement issues in an established organizations
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
·         Additional professional training in logistics management or any other relevant field.
·         Demonstrated experience using Microsoft Office Suite applications including Excel, Word, and Power Point preferred.
·         Ability to understand and interpret policies and procedures as well as the ability to apply them with consistency in a variety of circumstances.
·         Good communication skills including spoken and written English and Kiswahili is preferred
·         Ability to work as part of a team.
·         Willingness and flexibility to work long hours.

Position: Storekeeper
Supervisor: Warehouse Manager
Location: Migori County, Kenya
No. Required: 70 (30 Migori and 40 Homabay)
Overall Purpose: To oversee the management, receipt, delivery, and inventory control of items for the Operation Site store.
Migori Sites
1.      Osingo Dispensary
2.     Agenga Dispensary
3.     Muhuru H/C
4.     Uriri Health Centre,
5.     Oyani Health Centre
6.     Suna Ragana Dispensary
7.     Mariwa H/C
8.     Suna Rabuor Dispensary
9.     Macalder SCH
10. Nyandago Koweru Health Centre
11.   Othoro sub county hospital,
12. Nyamaranga H/C
13.  Ongo Health Centre
14. Rabondo Dispensary
15.  Migori County Referal Hospital
16. Wath Onger
17.  Rongo Sub county Hospital
18. Lela Dispensary
19. Bondo Dispensary
20.               Kochola Dispensary
21. Dede Dispensary
22.               Anjego Dispensary
23.Karungu SCH
24.               Awendo SCH
25.Bware Dispensary
26.               Arombe Dispensary
27.North Kamagambo
28.               Kanyasa
Homabay operations sites
Mbita Sub-county
1.      Kitare H/C
2.     Ogongo SCH
3.     Mbita SCH
Suba Sub-county
1.      Suba Sub District Hospital, , Center,
2.     Nyamrisa Health Center
3.     Nyandiwa H/C
4.     Nyatoto Health Center,
5.     Magunga Health Center
Kasipul (Rachuonyo South) Sub-county
1.      Sino Health Center,
2.     Koywech Dispensary,
3.     Rachuonyo District Hospital,
4.     Nyang’iela Sub District Hospital
5.     Ombek Health Center
Kabondo (Rach East) Sub-county
1.      Kakelo (Ober) Chief’s camp,
2.     Othoro SCH,
3.     Kabondo SCH,
4.     Ringa Chief’s camp
Homabay Town ship Sub-county
1.      Nyalkinyi Health Center,
2.     County HQ
3.     Marindi,
4.     Pala masogo
Rachuonyo North Sub-county
1.      Okiki Amayo H/C,
2.     Kendu bay Sub-county Hospital,
3.     Wagwe Dispensary
4.     Miriu Dispensary,
5.     Omboga Dispensary
6.     Homa Hills
Rangwe Sub-county
1.      Nyagoro Health Center,
2.     Rangwe Sub-county hospital
3.     Rariw Dispensary
4.     Ndiru Health centre
Nhiwa Sub-county
1.      Malela HC,
2.     Okok Disp,
3.     Omboo Kachieng, Disp
4.     Magina HC
5.     Pala Disp,
6.     Got Kojowi Health Center.
7.     Ndhiwa Sub County Hospital
Specific responsibilities
·         To oversee daily operations of store and maintain inventory system at proper levels.
·         To ensure proper storage and identification of all items.
·         Ensure all insecticides units are serialized as required before issuing.
·         To inspect commodities received in the Operation store to verify quality and quantity of items delivered.
·         To keep track of receipts, records and withdrawals of all IRS related commodities in the Operation store.
·         Follow up on supply requests from Warehouse and liaise with the Warehouse Manager to monitor progress.
·         Coordinate with the security guard on tracking movement of persons in the stores.
·         Ensure proper material and equipment storage to avoid damages and ensure rotation of short shelf life items.
·         Ensure proper storage and accountability of IRS wastes prior to collection.
Required qualifications and Experience:
·         Completion of certificate or diploma level in relevant field.
·         At least 6 months experience working as a stores assistant desired.
·         A certificate of good conduct may be required.
Knowledge Skills and Abilities:
·         Good communication skills including spoken and written English and Kiswahili, local languages are an added advantage.
·         Additional professional training in procurement and logistics management preferred
·         Membership of a recognized Professional Body i.e. either CIPS – UK or KISM would be an added advantage.
·         Knowledge of USAID procurement policies and regulations a plus.
·         Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and procurement software;
·         Ability to build effective relationships with all clients, peers, and stakeholders
·         Culturally astute, respectful and tolerant
·         Strong organizational and interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team-oriented setting;
How to Apply
Interested candidates are encouraged to send a cover letter and updated CV to Kenya_IRSJobs@abtassoc.com with the title of the position being applied for in the e-mail subject line e.g. “Environmental Compliance Assistant” and specify the location/ward preferred by COB Wednesday, September 12th, 2018.
Please note that where there are multiple duty locations indicated for a position advertised above, the candidate is encouraged to state the most preferred duty location in the subject line as well.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Equal Opportunity Employer: As an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, Abt Associates is committed to fostering a diverse, multicultural work environment where our employees respect one another and share a commitment to our firm’s values, mission, and strategies. Abt Associates Inc. provides equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to age, race, color, sex, creed, citizenship status, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, marital status, or veteran status.

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