This guy narrates how his ‘Beer and Nyama Choma’ buddies deserted him after losing his job (READ)

Saturday, July 28, 2018 - This Kenyan man has narrated how his ‘friends’ deserted and avoided him like plague after he lost his job and it should serve as a warning to many.

Read his post below.

A Kenyan man was sacked from his job and what happened next serves as a lesson to others. His story is as below:

I used to work as a senior manager in a foreign owned based here in town 2017. So Last year immediately after August elections were nullified my boss comes in the office .I remember it was on September 25.morning And tells us “were are closing down today tell everyone there’s no reporting tomorrow “.

We thought it’s a joke he end up explaining due to political uncertainty they have to close down till further notice but for the next 4months. We going to be getting just something to keep ourselves moving as they decided whether they going to come back to Kenya or not...
This must be the most shocking message I have received in my life. I call my wife she thought it was a joke. Until the reality of what was ahead dawned on us... Actually that day the company T. Prado SUV that was using was taken away.. I arrived home later in a matatu that when my wife believed.

We had to change our lifestyle as soon as possible from everything. Fast forward Me October 5days. Away. We had to leave our posh apartments and we end up somewhere in wangige in a good house but relatively cheap..

The hardest thing was to break the news to my friends and family that I had lost my job. I never told anyone that we still getting maybe 25% of our salaries I just told them I lost my job.. Basically with my wife and 2kids that was enough to manage life for the time being .Apart from that we still had our savings.

Now the real story begins. I never thought people I called friends and family would run away from like plague... Weuuuh. My phone that was once a call after another went silent...My calls went unanswered. I even got blocked on WhatsApp by someone..In a span of one week..

I used to have a creek of friends that we used to hang around bypass every day nyama chom and one for the road every day. Guys even stopped going the joint we used to meet.. I remember a friend I went to see in his office. on being told am at the reception he left the office via back door and told the sec to tell me he’s away not knowing I had seen his car on the parking lot. ..For once I thought I was dreaming.

I remember someone who refused to open his gate.. Yet I had bailed him out when he was almost auctioned. To some who we could meet they could always tell stories how economy ni mbaya. Or I wait next month... To me this was an eye opener people I helped secure a job were nowhere to stand with me.

After November my boss called me and told me by February we were getting back to business. From then I just had nothing to worry.

The craziest was own family my bros who are doing well for themselves all I heard from them were empty promises my elder siz and hubby people I once housed and helped secure a job .I remember her telling me I need to go back to the village.

Forward on December when we all go for xmas in the village I call them to come pick us we had together only for them to complain they had no space in their car and we took a matatu.My own mom wouldn’t call and come and visit us like she used to.infact when we’re there my wife and I weren’t received like we used to be received. I loosing the Job gossip was what was the hot news among my good relatives.

Wifey and I we could just watch everything in silence. But off course very few people about 2couples who stood with us all through they kept our children in school and more so counseled us First forward April this year I got back my job back in a senior position than I was. Calls were back ..I didn’t know even got then information. I learnt the hard way. My circle I reduced it with 90%. Every day I had to sign the weekend register along kamahis and bypass like every other well doing man in this city.

These days straight to the house spend the time with wife and play withkids.or drop around with them for dinner to our couple besties or for a dinner together as family. The only people that stood with me all my worst. To those men esp bypass and kamakis gang. You know your true friends the day you lose what you think you have.

Never mistake those gangs for friends.. Go back home to build your life around that That Lady and kids you hurting there .After all they are the only ones who can be with you on your worst days. Stop peer pressure .Of course I hear them say “nimekaliwa na bibi that’s why I don’t hang out anymore. 

That doesn’t make me a lesser man As long as my queen and kids are happy am good no room for fake friends .I learnt my own lesson learn from me b4its too late.

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  1. Good advice there but try to proofread your articles before posting...too much broken English

  2. Missing very vital information:
    How did HE desert his fellow hustlers after getting the job? If you build your house with paper when the wind blows strong you are left naked! If he had maintained his buddies whom they hustled and tarmacked together he would have never had to be alone when he lost his job. Don't let money change you, ikiisha utajua hujui.

  3. Judging from the grammar used here, the story is obviously fabricated. Anyone at senior management level would have a better grasp of the English language.

  4. Who wrote this article???? senior management yet you cannot write proper English?? I couldn't even finish this, i just got annoyed reading this! This is probably a fabricated story

  5. You sound like one of the deserted friends that this guy called off.The story makes a lot of sense in the corporate world.

  6. Looking past the grammar..that's the reality of the world ..have small circles but real friends ..

  7. Very true

  8. The grammar is atrocious. Senior manager? I highly doubt. Must be a fabricated story. Anyhow, what he's talking about happens alot

  9. A wonderful story. Don't think of grammar, message is vital. Listen always to the other side!

  10. This is the most nauseating write up I've bothered to read. I just couldn't get myself to finish reading. Ain't no damn way you're a senior manager with that type of grammar

  11. English is not a measure of intelligence for crying out loud. This is Africa not England.

  12. Calm down people thet guy did not go to dailly post and publish his own story. it's the daily post writer y'all should mad about. The writer whose career should be good at grammer yet he is paid but
    He is paid for his bad command of the English language.

  13. Something that happens a lot. But the grammar in this 'story' easily reveals that its probably fabricated.

  14. Y'all looking at the grammar instead of the message? Shallow minded people

  15. But remember the message has been delivered to fake friends


  17. A good lesson to learn.

  18. Don't get it twisted people, am in a similar situation as of now.. The circle reduces by 95%. The English on this article might be atrocious but wait until you are in an awkward position..!

  19. Been there and I identify with the writer...(English can be a senior manager..promotion by trust and usefulness to the company owner...)I have learnt my lesson too.

  20. The smaller the circle of friends you keep the better for anyone. If you want to walk far walk with God.

  21. are you in an english class. have you made it in life with your petty vocabulary?pthooohh

  22. I think you the part of fake friends I know its hurt when you are hit by truth.

  23. True. The errors speak volumes...

  24. What kind of help did he seek from his friends? I mean, did he ask for food and shelter and they turned him away?
    This is a really shallow article and lots of details are missing. For instance, did he expect his friends to top up the money necessary for him to continue his lavish lifestyle? If anything, the moral of the story is that, when you're doing great in life, you should save and invest, and buy insurance while you're at it. Basically, make hay while the sun is shining.

  25. Are they mutually exclusive? Can't you look at both?

  26. Why is everyone complaining about the grammar he made his point and you understood it so keep going

  27. African Education System has surprising outcomes.
    *** The smartest students pass with 1st Class & get admission to medical & Engineering schools.
    *** The 2nd Class Students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the First Class students.
    *** The 3rd Class Students enter politics, and rule both 1st and 2nd Class students.
    *** The failures join the Army and control politicians who, if they are not happy with, they kick or kill them.....
    *** Best of all those who did not attend any school, become prophets & witch doctors, and everybody follows them.
    *😂😂😢 so can all the learned friends leave alone senior manager... 😎

  28. This is the problem with people like you. You expect a man who wrote a story under emotional duress to care about grammar. He was not writing and essay for grading in college. He just wanted to relay a message. It's you who needs more education.

  29. I know of well schooled types who cannot manage anything let alone be placed in a senior job anywhere. Likewise i know of school dropouts with worse grammar than our friend above who are spot on in matters management and indeed are in very senior posts in the corporate world. It is not always just about having the papers but the mental smarts to connect the dots and make things work!

  30. Enter your comment... you are lucky wifey dint chomoka. they are very good at that as well.. suddenly all the mistakes you made in the past resurface. constant reminders i tell you.

  31. A good lesson,am suprised at how people are fast at correcting grammer instead of acknowledging the message

  32. Those correcting his grammar either are his bar buddies or don't know the pain. I was there in 2012, friend deserted me left right and centre especially those with my debts. Love your God, family and yourself first

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