MIGUNA MIGNA is not a Kenyan and we will not allow him back - Govt maintains as showdown looms on 16th of May

...his legal team.

However, Miguna insists that he has to enter Kenya as a Kenyan and here are his reasons in verbatim

Let me summarise the main reasons why I must enter Kenya as a Kenyan and not as a foreigner since some people keep asking the same questions, perhaps maliciously or out of ignorance.

1. I am a Kenyan born citizen who has never renounced his citizenship. Those who are claiming that I am a Canadian must prove it before a court of law. So far, the tyrants have not presented any credible evidence to prove their allegations and the High Court has nullified their purported cancellation of my Kenyan citizenship and passport. (A passport is not proof of citizenship. More than 90% of Kenyans have no passports but that doesn't mean that they are not citizens of Kenya.)

2. I have stated numerous times that the moment I use a foreign passport to enter my country of birth and citizenship, I will fall into the trap set by Uhuru Kenyatta, William Samoei Ruto and Raila Odinga, which is to categorise me as a Canadian and not a Kenyan for propaganda purposes.

3. They would use the tourist visa to limit my right to enter and leave Kenya at will which is a right I have under the Constitution. They will issue me with a limited or restricted tourist visa, hence incapacitate me politically.

4. With a limited tourist visa, I will not be able to lead the NRMKe. In fact, the tyrants would arrest me immediately I exit and greet NRMKe members at the airport. They would then "legally" force me out of the country as a "foreigner engaging in politics contrary to the visa conditions."

5. They would use the tourist visa to prevent me from opposing the referendum or opposing anything criminal or unethical they do such as stealing public resources and/or killing innocent Kenyans.

6., They would use the tourist visa or the new "status" to prevent me from vying for public office.

7. They would prevent me from owning property and working in Kenya. In fact, they will illegally expropriate my properties in Kenya.

8. They would use the forms they are trying to force me to sign in violation of my birth and constitutional rights and 13 court orders in order to conscript me into their witness in a trump up charge, which they will concoct against me with respect to my candidature for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in 2017.

9. They would use the forms to circumvent my rights - I would have helped them to invalidate all the 13 court orders I have obtained and I will not be able to sue them civilly.
The foregoing is just a brief outline of the main reasons why I cannot agree to enter Kenya as a foreigner, which I am not.

I will not allow them to trample over my rights!

My rights will not be waived or circumvented at the whim of those occupying illegitimate positions of power and authority.

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  1. Miguna surprises me, here is why. 1. He went out a Kenyan and once he got a new home he decided he is not Kenyan anymore. 2. He uses his friends in the government to come into the country(probably bribed his way in) and even attempted to become the governor of Nairobi. 3. When the government of the day comes to know he is a foreigner(at least of paper, though he still possessed his Kenyan ID and passport), he starts bullying all and sundry by politicizing the issue. 4. I have never understood why lawyers, Miguna included, feel like they are a cut above the rest of the people. You cannot bully a government anywhere in the world and expect to succeed.
    Come baby come, the toilet-come-bedroom is still waiting for you. As long as you cannot produce a passport, you will remain a deportee for ever. Welcome Miguna

  2. Common sense is not a gift as they said its a punishment because you have to deal with a person who doesn't have it like MIGUNA MIGUNA. He is the most educated man in kenya/canada but doesn't have wisdom and common sense

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