Why lie? The truth is we hate RUTO badly and we will not vote for him and so will KIKUYUs! He will not be President

...other hand, Luo Nyanza naturally hates Ruto and what he represents.

"Despite his public pretenses, Central Kenya has not forgiven Ruto and will not vote him to be the President in 2022.”

“The Luos hate Ruto, he is corrupt, tribal, disrespectful and inhumane," Kaluma stated.

“It is now William Ruto, impunity, status quo against Kenyans seeking one united, just equal and fair Kenya for all.”

“This handshake will define the politics of Kenya into the future," he added.


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  1. Who told Kaluma that Kikuyus won't vote for Ruto? Let him continue dreaming. 2022, it's Ruto as president. Kikuyus are not fools. They will surely honour their part of the deal.

  2. Mt. Kenya people are far closer to Rift Valley people than Luo Nyanza in terms of culture (right of passage/farming), bahaviour(food & war) and pride/wealth/education.

  3. Since when did that ugly gentile become Kikuyu spokesman? Let him talk on behalf of his fellow foreskins.

  4. Ruto will never be president I hail from mouth Kenyan and the disgusting things done by his clonies are terible for example Two Magistrate's SRM YATOR AND B KOECH currently transferred to KWALE in Mombasa who hail from Nandi community have been torturing kikuyus mentally and emotionally in courts asking idiotic questions my are kikuyus everywhere, why are kikuyus living better life , kikuyus are devil worshippers.
    Is tht a what you call same culture Nani hate kikuyus as much as we hate them ,they mass killed kikuyus in Eldoret, Narok and it still an ongoing process using the Judiciary to finish the job.

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