UHURU under pressure to marry a second wife now that he signed the Bill - Is everything alright with MARGARET?

Tuesday April 10, 2018 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has been asked to lead the polygamy debate by marrying a second wife to set an example for the rest of Kenyan men.

Wading into the polygamy debate, Mombasa Woman Rep, Asha Hussein, asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to lead by example.

Speaking during a workshop on Affirmative Action in Mombasa, the legislator challenged the President to marry a second wife and take her to State House.

She added that since the President signed the Marriage Bill into law in 2014, allowing men to be polygamous, men have been yearning for many wives.

“Many women support the...

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  1. Admin who are you asking for the opinion, look for the president and ask him. otherwise your wise cracking does not seem to act here.

  2. so that thy can sire more thieves, murders and looters of our taxes.


  3. every shithole bill is passed by the election thief!

    kweli the country is lead by help!

  4. Wamutomba na aissha etc waende india ama wapate indian men who f*cks around all nunus
    X x x

    Raped and jailed: Mombasa woman returns with baby boy after ordeal in Saudi Arabia

    Levina Mapenzi Ngolo, 27, was jailed for allegedly engaging in illicit sex. She returned home from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Thursday night aboard an Ethiopian airliner.

    Ngolo arrived back after a one-year ordeal in a Saudi Arabian prison. In her arms was a two-year-old boy she says she conceived as a result of the rape.

    She was raped by an Indian migrant who she was working with. She said the man threatened her with a knife.

    Ngolo said her legs were chained all the time she was in prison. She gave birth to her son in prison after a seven-month court battle.

    She said she was handed back her passport at the airport, shortly before boarding the plane back to Kenya.

    Ngolo, who spoke at her parents' home in Frere Town in Mombasa yesterday, claimed her Indian attacker, a driver, raped her overnight in 2016.

    "The driver took advantage of the absence of our employer to attack me. Our employer had gone to visit her children. He accosted me as I came out of the house," said Ngolo.

    However, Ms Ngolo was charged, under Saudi Arabia's law, with engaging in sex outside marriage and jailed.

    Her attacker is still serving his three-year jail term.

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