RAILA ODINGA’s ex-advisor, SARAH ELDERKIN, says MATIANGI was right in deporting MIGUNA MIGUNA

...documents in dubious circumstances and supports his deportation to Canada.

“Miguna is completely in the wrong according to the law, as well as under international citizenship conventions,” she writes.

Elderkin points out that 3,000 former Kenya citizens have applied to regain their citizenship after the 2010 constitution permitted dual nationality.

“Miguna has failed to follow suit.”

“So what makes him different?”

“Only his inflated, distorted opinion of himself, which he feels puts him above the law,” she wrotes.

“In February, the Government used its perfectly legal powers to deport a loud-mouthed Canadian citizen they considered a nuisance,” she concludes.


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  1. Sarah ,you are 100 percent right! Most Kenyans including the Judges have failed in or ignored what you have just told them. RIGHT ON!

  2. I am Kenyan Canadian too, and the last time I renewed my Kenyan passport I had to apply for Kenyan citizenship as well, so that the 2010 provision for due citizenship could apply to my status.?thats the law and no one is an exception when it comes to the application of the law. Miguna is s lawyer, he should know better and stop throwing tuntrum.

  3. Miguna thinks he's Machiavelli, only that he's not Italian. The end justifies the means!

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