Police have identified a rogue police officer caught on camera mercilessly beating innocent man in Nairobi - To face music

...a video clip assaulting an individual has been positively identified and is being processed for disciplinary action," said NPS.

The police are now calling on the individual assaulted to report to Nairobi Area Police Commander.

They want the victim to record a statement to facilitate the police service to discipline the officer in question.

"We are calling upon the individual assaulted to present himself to the Nairobi Area Police Commander for statement recording to facilitate the officer's trial in a court of law," added NPS.


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  1. even if thec victim will not report to police ir record statement...the rogue sh*thole amind and barbaric cop shud be fired and jailed for assault....

  2. reforms ,vetting and creation of NPS and other money eating org like ipoa did not improve leave alone change way things are done by police....

  3. ata police stations ziko na bucket kama choo is shocking 50+ years after indepedence.......

  4. have to invest in technology and ow cop shud operate.
    1.A police must be in uniform and their service # displyed all time....regardkess is emergency or not.
    2.Invest in instalation of cctv and police car/body cameras.
    3.Merge Ap and Regular police.
    4.Build new and modern police stations that are made of glass and those in cellss vissible to all at police counter.m

  5. 5.Gun shud be returned immediateky after duties....
    6.A respected local shud be selected to coordinate issues with police ...
    7.emergency #s shud be working orovided and assistance wirking.
    8.Presence of police patrols in all major roads and towns
    8.Check br recruiting if ine is after job and ruches..m

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