MUTUNGA says UHURU/ RUTO behaved like fools in MIGUNA’s case! If not checked, these two will take Kenya back to KANU

...went to Canada to seek opportunity.

“Everybody knows that he was born here, he went to university, was expelled..., went to Canada, and made a life there.”

“This thing that you lose citizenship is not there.”

“These debates are irrelevant,” said Mutunga.

He said the deportation of Miguna reminds him of the dark days of KANU in 1980s and 90s where some people disappeared mysteriously in the hands of the State .

“It reminds me of those times when people would mysteriously disappear or police would come for you before your wife and children and hold you incommunicado.”

“You would not know what would happen.”

“This is exactly how the Nyayo chambers were about,’’ he said.


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  1. Mr.former CJ, you could not have said this in your right mind. How do you interpret the former constitution clause that if one took a foreign citizenship loses his Kenyan one? And if this was not the case, why is there a provision in current constitution for regaining that citizenship? This guy is still an activist he used to be!

  2. Its saddening to see and hear the former CJ is moving from one NGO office to another giving interviews. Mutunga as a former CJ is a person who can book an appointment with the top leadership of the state and present his reservations effortlessly but, behaving and acting like the discredited civil societies will only erode his credibility.

  3. I am disappointed by the former CJ. Everybody has stated that Miguna is a Kenyan. However, there is the small matter of having renounced his Kenyan citizenship in order to acquire citizenship as was required under the old constitution. All needs to do now is to regularise this step in line with the new constitution. He cannot do this by tearing official documents at the airport or trying to enter Kenyan space using his ID (am sure even the CJ uses his passport to enter Kenya on his foreign trips), or lying that he has lost his passport. I was expecting a higher level of reasoning from a former CJ and a renowned lawyer.

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