MIGUNA MIGUNA is not done with greedy RAILA ODINGA - He might kill this old man when he comes back

...pointless and should not have existed in the first place.

"Nelson Mandela " shook hands" with De Klerk to mark the defeat of the apartheid troops by Umkhonto Wesizwe and Cuban forces at Cuito Cuanavale.”

“It wasn't a private or secret deal.”

“It ended apartheid.”

“Has the ''handcheque" killed the Jubilee tyranny? No!"Miguna said.

The outspoken lawyer also accused Raila Odinga of abandoning him at his time of need, by doing less to facilitate his entry, despite being the cause of his woes.


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  1. Miguna Miguna has nothing to offer Kenya kwani hata yeye mwenyewe amejishindwa. He can only get disciples out of idle Kenyans ambao pia wamejishindwa, lazy bodies and minds who have waited for decades to get to Canaan out of other people's sweat.Somebody took advantage of such whose lives are the same either dead or alive.
    Anybody not greedy for position of power for easy money, anybody with a zeal for work, knows that Kenya today without this mad disturbance has conducive environment and infrastructure for business, big or small.Hebu watu waache kungojea a utopia Canaan-uongo wa wanasiasa and work!

  2. Hope Miguna won't feed RAO the gall bladder this time or peel off his clothes!

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