Kiambu people elected a super hyena by the name, FERDINAND WAITUTU - See what his wife and son are doing!!

...travelled to China with four Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to purchase a cabro making machine worth a few millions which she will then flip to the County at a cost of Sh 540 million.

She is purchasing the machine using the money meant for hospitals such as Gatundu Level 4 Hospital which is worse than Kenyatta National Hospital.

Here is a post from an informer.


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  1. waititu stop all alcohol, drugs and ciggaretes just like dubai. TUSKER IS BEING FILLED WITH KEG!!!many kiambu people are zombies after EXCESSIVE abuse. evil wicked rulers.


  3. Waititu in right direction steal more they thought they were fighting NASA and elected thiefs

  4. Hon Waititu should remember that the countries economy was sabotaged by the opposition for well over seven months. The economy of Kiambu continues to be sabotaged by his goons todate. We are watching you Governor.

  5. Tano Tena!Keep quite

  6. Mbo ya pombe is not solution to kbu problems....kazi kazi kazi.....ndio kitu ya maana.

    Take skul drop out to village polytechnics...

  7. since he tuk over wamama wanasema hakuna madawa kwa gava hospitals like it used to be wakati ya kabogo....

  8. what makes people think that Kenyan politicians fight so hard to win elections to serve the electorate? That is why us, the lesser mortals, should not fight one another.

  9. he just got votes for throwing stones in kbu people will regret for voting in a worse devil...better kabogo the devil we knew..

  10. Am a Kiambu resident, but we made the worst electoral blunder of our lives. We shall suffer for the next four years till God blesses our knuckleheads with some iota of good porridge between our ears. Kiambu is rotting away fast with no kind of development at all.

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