I will not vote for RUTO in 2022, I am a KIKUYU but I won’t, He didn’t vote for UHURU in 2017! KOIGI WAMWERE

…10 reasons why he will not vote Ruto, corruption was a big one among them.

He said Ruto has been stealing day and night and he wants to rival Kenyatta in terms of wealth.

“Some people say every Kikuyu man and woman will spontaneously elect William Ruto as the next President come 2022.”

“But this is an open falsehood.”

“Though I am a Kikuyu, I will not automatically vote for DP Ruto or anyone else to be Kenya’s next President when next election comes,” Koigi said.

“I will only deny Ruto a vote because he is not fit to be president of Kenya for the following ten reasons. First, the next president of Kenya must be totally committed to the elimination of corruption and negative ethnicity.

“Ruto is not a leader of integrity & cannot be relied upon to develop Kenya by eradicating corruption. Ruto is not a patriot or a nationalist capable of sacrificing his personal interests to save the country from any danger or tragedy like dictatorship.”

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  1. Koigis vote is just one and does not present the Mt. Kenya communities

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