I have no problem sharing my husband with another LADY - Kiambu MP says as he urges her husband and others to marry again

...second wife or even third wife.

“I am happily married to Robert Mbugua but have absolutely no problem with him bringing a co-wife if he is capable of sustaining us.”

But if you cannot sustain more than one wife, keep off polygamy,” said Gathoni.

Gathoni urged women to come out and condemn hypocrisy by men.

She said that men are naturally polygamous and they should be allowed to marry as many women as they can afford.


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  1. It is you Gathoni who is more hypocritical.What you are talking in public about polygamy is not what you talk at home. You think Kenyans are simpletons whose minds you can play about with so much bull. I voted for you but regret every day.I did not know you are such a mind with slightly above zero political value.
    Why can't you shut that half calabash if you have nothing important to say.
    The problem here is that your mind cannot differentiate media and politics to discern what statements to make where.
    While thinking you are popular-rising yourself, you have lost votes from betrayed women, serious family men, single mothers like me for indicating it is our children who fill the rehabs.Any scientific prove? From my experience it is single mums who care to take their children to rehabs to save their dear ones at the expense of their names while married men avoid having their children there. They commit suicide , they bury them and forget.
    You profiled some of the children of this Nation.
    Gathoni you are such a disgrace. I think we brought you out of the village but the village stuck in you.What you portray is not courage but senselessness.

  2. In the book of Genesis God created man in his own image;in the image of God He created him;male and female He created them.He blessed them ,and said to them,'Be fruitful and multiply,fill the earth and subdue it.Read also in the bk of 1 Corinthians 7;1-8 1st Peter 3:1-7 lets not go against the word of God.We have Solomon ,David etc but God never talk about them. When Aaron and Miriam talked about Moses God punished them why because Moses was his choice.Now do we want to turn to be Solomon and others.Let us not be misguided.I separated with my husband since 2003 because of adultery and am not planning to get married i energized myself by serving my God more.The skull remain even today though i healed the pain of separation.The bible says whoever separate the two is dead.Note the seed you are sowing.Let us stick to the word of God the earthly thing will pass but the word of God will remain.I focus to the new life after the earthly ones end.

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