I am a KIKUYU but I will never vote for RUTO, picking this man for President is the worst mistake Kenyans will ever do - KOIGI

Though I’m Kikuyu, I Won’t Vote To Give Ruto 20 Years In Power Some people say every Kikuyu man and woman will spontaneously elect Ruto as the next president come year 2022.

Though I am a Kikuyu, I will not automatically vote for William Ruto or anyone else to be Kenya’s next president when next elections come.

Ruto wants every Kikuyu to vote for him because he or she is Kikuyu, just as he wants every Kalenjin to vote for him because he is Kalenjin, I will not deny Ruto a vote because he is Kalenjin and not Kikuyu like me. Nor will I vote for anybody merely because they are Kikuyu.

I will only deny Ruto a vote because he is not fit to be president of Kenya for the following ten reasons. First, the next president of Kenya must be totally committed to the elimination of corruption and negative ethnicity.

Ruto is not a leader of integrity & cannot be relied upon to develop Kenya by eradicating corruption. Ruto is not a patriot or a nationalist capable of sacrificing his personal interests to save the country from any danger or tragedy like dictatorship.

The only reason Ruto pursues leadership is wealth & power. As a youth, he never did anything to save Kenya from one-party dictatorship. Ruto never fought for democracy & will not protect democracy as a president because, philosophically, he does not believe in democracy.

Ruto believes in dictatorship & therefore fights to...

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