GODEC’s farewell interview goes horribly wrong! He will regret siding with UHURU/ RUTO when Kenyans were being killed

...conspicuous silence at the height of police brutality towards NASA supporters.

“I am asking, who will pay for the blood those killed during the 2017 post election violence?” one caller asked.

In his response, Godec said that the US was impartial in the 2017 elections and that it did not have any preferred candidate.

Most callers demanded the deportation of Godec back to the US saying he has lost Kenyans’ trust.


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  1. We shall miss Godec's maturity.He is a civilized man representing a civilized nation and cannot support the kind of anarchy nKenya has witnessed in the recent past.
    Those attacking Godec are tribalists and some are in the bunch of hooligans that troubled Kenya so much;Idlers who wanted that running about to continue since they had nothing to lose than their already defeated lives.They cannot now continue calling the bunch that they are"Kenyans" and pretend to speak for us.
    Go well Godec and come again. We hope your replacement will not be a saddist- mchonganishi like those before you.

  2. Godec can not be here for ever coz he was on his tour of duty. He kept mum coz he knew the truth that the blood of thise who suffered lay squarely on their leader who declared civil dosobedience through violent demos. How can the blame be laid o Godec???. Their leaders knew very well they told the to disobey the authorities and security agents. They also knew security agents were armed and yet told them to disobey violently.

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