Equity and some useless KIKUYU banks are going home! NYONG’O is an economic genius! See what he is doing

…offer monetary services to the region's people like financial literacy, savings and loans.

2. Construction of the Lake Region Ring Road to connect the 14 Counties and open them up to each other's products for services.

3. Upgrading the Kisumu Airport and other airstrips within the member Counties to ensure easily perishable goods can get the market while still fresh.

4. Setting up of a Fish Cooling and Processing Plant in one of the fish-farming Counties in a bid to increase value addition and cushion the farmers from losses.

5. Setting up of a Fruit Processing Plant to make juice and other products out of the fruits before finally getting them to the market.

6. Coming up with the Lake Region's Health Cover Scheme such that when one falls ill in any of these Counties with the scheme's help, he or she can access medical services anywhere in the 14 Counties.


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  1. io kazi yote hautafanya na pesa ya mamako....ni ya wakenya...

  2. Please support Prof. It is disheartening to note the extreme impoverishment status of homesteads in these regions

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