UHURU threatens to sack SICILY KARIUKI and LILLY KOROS over KNH saga - You are embarrassing the KENYATTA name

Friday March 2, 2018 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued an executive ultimatum to Health Cabinet Secretary, Sicily Kariuki and Kenyatta National Hospital CEO, Lilly Koros, over the mess at the biggest referral hospital in the country.

Last month, Kenyatta National Hospital was on the spotlight following the incessant defilement of nursing mothers by mortuary attendants.

Yesterday, KNH made wrong headlines again after a…

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  1. imagine bang smokers that are mogue attendants have access to wards theatres etc....thus rape women..

    Ni kama kuwa taped na chokora....no one get married to these like dogs..

  2. Wou woi...those nurses in goverment hospitals use bad language (kama makangas)to expetant mothers and deny them service high mortality rate.......people in kenya go to goverment hospitals to die is very bad........

  3. what a shithole medical system and country......

  4. Why do kenyans vote if cannot change how ate served by public servants......

  5. cannot vote..just waste of time.......
    One vote and treated and die like dog.......kenyans tuko kwa shida..

  6. If systems fail...then people have right to rise ip...

  7. All leaders are going abroad for medical treatmentcwhile those who pay taxes die like ants in hospitals etc....
    Failed shithole state.......

  8. Kenyans must demand to be served.....only matter of time everyone comes in streets and force change....

  9. Ehhh..it is shocking well to do persons and expatriates seek medical outside Kenya including child birth...no one want to be killed...

  10. In other nation citizens go to hospitable for cure unlike Kenya where one attends hosi to die or raped by dirty morgue and cleaners...kumi kumi drinkers..

  11. CAN KNH CEO TELL US WHY Morgue attendants have access every where.......if one paasses on in wards...nurses can cover and push to certain location.....morgue people belong to hell

  12. imagine those with money take their children for drug rehab abroad.......while common nwanainchi is dying in hospitals like cockroaches.....

  13. One doctor deregistered in 21 years, says board

    Mar. 03, 2018, 8:00 am

    Only one doctor has been deregistered for medical negligence in the past 21 years.

    In 2010, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists board found William Omondi Oduor him guilty of attending to a patient at Mwingi District Hospital while drunk.

    As a result, the patient who was pregnant died together with her child.

    Data seen by the Star from the board showed that out of the 985 cases they have received since 1977, only 915 have been dealt with.

    70 of them are still pending at various stages.

    “These cases are pending because of some few challenges that we have been facing internally but we are going to deal with them.” The boards CEO Daniel Yumbya told the Star during an interview.

    According to the report, one doctor has had his licensed deregistered, four of them have had their licenses cancelled, while six of them have been suspended for a period of between 6 to 12 months

    16 directed to undergo supervised training for a period 6-12 months, 106 were directed to undergo continuous professional development for 30-50 points, 141 had their cases referred for mediation another 105 were cautioned about their actions.

     241 cases that were by the board’s preliminary conduct committee those that of Obstetrics and Gynecology, internal medicine was 158 cases, surgery-related complications were 138 and financial cases 100.

    Specialities that had the least cases reported include;

    Haematology (1)Plastic surgery (2)Radiology (2) Neurosurgery (3)Ear nose and throat (4)Clinical genetics (3)Infectious diseases (4)Pathology( 9)Psychiatry (8) Nephrology (6)


    All these cases had less than ten complaints.

    4 of the professional conduct committee hearings hearing were conducted in Nairobi, three were held in Kiambu, One in Nyeri, while the remaining six were held in Trans Nzoia, Kisii and Kisumu counties.

  14. This doctors board is poorly constituted......it shud be under control of gaverment sio killer doctors..

  15. What are you maniacs complaining about UHURU does own the hospital the people running that facility as described by you stupid people are kenyans and for that matter your brothers and sisters Kubaf

  16. I gave birth at Kenyatta and they never restored my kuma properly it has become very loose and producing firting sound while walking...aki. My hubby left me coz we could not enjoy sex anymore....

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