This is when RUTO and GIDEON MOI’s bad blood started in 2002 at Panari Hotel on Mombasa Road! President after UHURU??

...third President of Kenya.

After the defeat, Kalenjin MPs and leaders held a meeting at Panari Hotel which was attended by Ruto and Gideon.

“Soon after the 2002 elections, we urged Gideon to organise a lunch meeting with Kalenjin MPs so that he can be introduced to them.”

“The meeting happened at Panari Hotel on Mombasa Road.”

“It generally went well, but when it came to paying, Gideon said everyone would pick his tab.”

“It was something that took us aback since we expected him not only to foot the bill but also send us off with “something small”. William took advantage of the situation and sorted out the bill" the MP said.

“A second meeting was organised sometime in late 2003 and Gideon did the same thing, he declined to pay our bills.”

“Again Ruto took advantage and cleared it.”

“We knew Gideon was not his father’s son when it came to generosity.”

“Most of us decided to throw our lot with Ruto after that,” the MP said.

He said it is after these two meetings that Ruto became a de facto Kalenjin kingpin and it will take some years for someone to oust the son of Samoei as the Kalenjin community’s kingpin.


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  1. Hustler mwana wa faceless ones ndiye.

  2. Some Kenyans like free things according to the statement

  3. Gideon cannot match Ruto's generosity. Gideon is very stingy.

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