See how MUDAVADI reacted to a meeting between UHURU/ RAILA without them - He was shocked like all NASA people

...surprised to learn about it via the media.

He said they were all kept in the dark and do not have a clue about the meeting and its objective.

“I have just spoken to my party leader (Mudavadi) and he was not aware of the meeting.”

“Raila acted alone and this is unacceptable,” said Muluka on behalf of Mudavadi.

“Raila has shown us his true character just as I had warned Kenyans before.”

“With his swearing in and now this, he sneaked behind their back and did it alone,” he added.


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  1. Moses umechelea. Raila ni sehemu ya serikali, alikua amepotea njia.Wewe na wenzako ni official opposition and we expect , mature and genuine and issue based opposition.Hii mambo ya kufunza your followers kumtusi rais mbwa, matako etc is not opposition but garbage.
    Where are you Babu , Millie, Wanga and co? Manners now.Mko chini tu sana. Let us see you have education that can help this Nation. Or what are those excellent brains for? Kutukuza shetani na kumwita rais mbwa, na stupid?
    Orengo, what thinketh thou! These are the Lord's doings for this Nation.Tamaa zetu, uongo na unafiki zimeshindwa kenyekenye.
    Tumtukuze Yesu!

  2. They are certain decisions one can make without consulting even his wife inorder to achieve ultimate goal. Otherwise you would be held back. As simple as that.

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