RAILA ODINGA says he will use other ways to ensure no rigging in Kenya any more - I am not done with UHURU/ RUTO!!

...use the way to bring the end to electoral injustice in the country," Raila said.

The former Premier said President Uhuru Kenyatta should agree that the country is going through a very serious political crisis.

He added that the current impasse does not need chest thumping but a well-structured dialogue between his illegitimate Government and the opposition.

“People will like to talk about project Kenya and self-determination but the strength of the country will depend on how the Government is structured by ensuring that the people’s will is respected,” he said.


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  1. Has raila worked on his tendency to dictate to independent institutions like IEBC on what they should do so that he clinches the presidency? That is an old tired song you are singing mzee.

  2. Why is he dictating to the President of the Republic of Kenya? He said if there is no dialogue, he will take the oath of office at Uhuru Park. He did!! Why else can he do other than empty threats?

    During campaigns, Uhuru said he will not have nusu mkate with Raila. Rao said he wants the whole loaf. Now he has made an about turn. Wants a slice from what he calls an "illegimate government."

    Why the desperation to have a dialogue at all costs?

    Mzee should retire now and give space to Orengo, Miguna, Mbadi and the rest. Time is running out for them also to enter the ring.

  3. By the way, what are the terms of this dialogue they are talking about? Let it be placed to the public for scrutiny. Is about the leaders or the citizens? How will Wanjiku benefit with the mere creation of the office of the Prime Minister?

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